Anatoliy Semenovich Tishchenko
Head of the department №16
Candidate of Physics and Mathematics sciences
Senior Researcher
Phone . (+ 38-057)720 33 95
E-mail :
Senior Member of IEEE

Anatoliy Semenovich Tishchenko has been leading the vacuum electronics department since 2001.

Born on June 04, 1945, in 1969 he graduated from the Kharkov State University (now V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University) majoring in radio physics and electronics. In 1989, he defended a Ph.D. thesis in Physics & Mathematics with a specialization in physical electronics. Since 1996 he holds an academic degree of Senior Scientist.

His major fields of research were optics of charged particles, microwave electronics, and radio physics. He personally took part in the development of new-generation electron-optical systems enabling to achieve qualitatively new characteristics of millimeter and submillimeter range vacuum devices. His doctoral thesis is devoted to the issues of forming strong electron flows for O-type devices in the mm and submm wave ranges. A.S. Tishchenko is the author of more than a hundred publications, including 70 magazine papers, and international conference reports. His proprietary inventions were patented, and many of them were successfully implemented in microwave electronic devices.

Since 2003 he is a Senior Member of IEEE.