Head of the depatment – Apostolov Stanislav Sergeevich, born in 1984, graduated from the School of Mechanics and Mathematics of V. N. Karazin Kharkov National University in 2006. In 2010 he defended  Ph.D. thesis “The electrodynamic and optical phenomena in the normal and superconducting nanosystems” on specialty 01.04.02 – Theoretical Physics, in 2015 he obtained assistant professor title in Theoretical Physics, and in 2019 he defended D.Sc. thesis “Electromagnetic and electronic transport in superconducting structures” on specialty 01.04.02 – Theoretical Physics.

Main scietific interests – Linear and nonlinear THz electrodynamics of layered superconductors, Electronic transport in 1D (Wigner crystal, topological insulators) and 2D (graphene, strongly correlated electrons in 2D conductors), Stochastic systems with long correlations (stochastic processes with long memory, additive multi-step Markov chains).

He has prepared more than 100 scientific publications.

More than 10 years he has been working at the Theoretical Physics Department named by Academician I. M. Lifshits as an assistant and a senior lecturer (2008-2011), an associate professor (2012-2018), a professor (2019-present). He was lecturer of the general courses «Classical mechanics» and «Quantum mechanics». Now he is teaching special courses «Mathematical methods of theoretical physics», «Computer modeling of physical processes and phenomena».