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The Young Scientists Council of IRE NASU with the support of EPS Kharkiv Young Minds Section organized an interesting Workshop on Introduction to Machine Learning (for scientists), which took place on two days: the lecture day on May 19, and the practice day on May 31. The aim of the workshop was to show the young scientists of Kharkov the possibilities and limitations of machine learning using in scientific research, as well as to gain some basic knowledge and skills to work in this area. After the practical part, an excursion around the institute was performed. About 70 young scientists joined the workshop in one way or the other, both from IRE NASU as well as from FTINT, KNU, NTU KPI, KNURE, NSC KIPT, RI NASU, ISMA NASU, Turboatom, and even Aston University. Recordings of the lectures can be found on YouTube channel of IRE Young Scientists Council:

1) Павел Выплавин “Что такое Machine Learning, и чем оно (не) может быть полезным молодому ученому?”
2) Богдан Колчигин “Введение в Transfer Learning. Возможности и ограничения использования чужих моделей Machine Learning в своих целях”
3) Владислав Колбасин “Применение сверточных и рекуррентных нейронных сетей для анализа временных рядов”

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