1. Development of methods of remote double-frequency sensing of precipitation due to determine their microstructural characteristics and assess the intensity and water content of rains;
  2. Investigation of the possibility of double-frequency sensing method for sensing of solid aerosols;
  3. Development of methods of active-passive sensing of clouds and precipitation using radar and radiometer;
  4. Investigation of the profile of tropospheric refraction index on the measurement of radio setting of navigation satellites;
  5. The use of stochastic probing signals in Doppler meteorological radars;
  6. Interference-resistant active-passive detection of targets against the background of underlying surface;
  7. Development of remote sensing methods based on the use of stochastic radio signals;
  8. Development of radar devices for solving applied tasks:
    • development of contactless level sensors in storages of liquid and dry substances;
    • development of technological radars for alarm systems;
    • development of coherent pulse radars for the detection of small marine targets;
    • development of contactless sensors for control the coefficient of slipping of agricultural vehicles;
    • development of radiometric and radar systems and complexes.