Computational Electromagnetics Laboratory was reorganized from Computational Electromagnetics Department in 2016.

The Department was created in fact Dec., 12, 1980, when A.A. Kirilenko was appointed head of Department No.15 (department of mathematical modeling). Previously, the Department No.15 was headed by prof. L.N. Litvinenko. The Computing Center with large computing machines BESM-6 and ES-1061 was an integral part of the department. The part of the personnel of Department No. 11 with A.A. Kirilenko was transferred into newly created Department No.15. The old department in full force joined the Institute of Radio Astronomy of NASU. Later (March, 17, 1982), the group of Department No.15 significantly expanded over two years was transferred into significantly reformed Department No.12, and A.A. Kirilenko was appointed the head of the department.

The Department was created in order to expand research in the field of mathematical modeling, primarily for development in the field of rigorous numerical and analytical models. Later, with the development of applied research, in particular, with the participation in the research project “Effect” and the subsequent project “Estafeta” the intensive cooperation with enterprises of the Ministry of General Machine Building (space systems) started. The department established close relations with the enterprises of the Ministry of Radio Industry (terrestrial and marine radio systems) and the Ministry of Electronic Industry (microwave electronics). Moscow Research Institute of Space Engineering (the Ministry of General Machine Building, Moscow), Taganrog Research Institute of Communication (the Ministry of Radio Industry, Taganrog), the Engineering Bureau “Yuzhnoye” (the Ministry of General Machine Building, Dnipropetrovsk), the Engineering Bureau “Saturn” (the Ministry of Electronic Industry, Kyiv), the Engineering Bureau “Quantum” (the Ministry of Radio Industry, Kyiv), etc were among them. This cooperation became mutually fruitful. On the one hand, the personal of the Department “unfolded” research front towards the practical problems and deeply acquainted with modern problems on antenna feeder equipment. On the other hand, a series of programs were used in industrial research institutes for the design of a variety of devices. It has given a valuable experience of their implementation and operation.

The new department was created on “ideological” and the personnel base of the Department of V.P. Shestopalov and on the material and territorial base of Department 12. The group of A.A. Kirilenko engaged earlier in modeling of waveguide devices and periodic structures became the core of the Department. Part of the staff was the former employees of Department No.11 (A.A. Kirilenko, L.A. Rud, N.P. Yashina, and Y.K. Sirenko), the other part was the employees from B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of NASU, L.A. Govorov Kharkiv Military Radio Engineering Academy, Special Design and Technology Bureau of IRE (V.I. Tkachenko, T.I. Vasilieva, E.A. Sverdlenko, O.V. Chistyakova, O.A. Blinnikova, A.P. Kusaykin, V.I. Mikchailov, I.S. Tsakanyan). Later on, the Department replenished by the graduates of Mechanics and Mathematics Department and the Department of Radiophysics of Kharkiv State University (S.L. Senkevich, V.V. Yatsyk, A.M. Efimova, B.G. Tysik, M.V. Lukhanin, M.V. Orlov). A.I. Nosich and E.I. Veliyev were transferred into Department in 1994 and 2004. Under the leadership of A.I. Nosich the Department has started development a new direction associated with the problems of propagation and scattering of waves in open structures (in 2011 the research group of A.I. Nosich was transferred into Department of Quasioptics). In 1995-2010 the new young employees joined the Department. Among them were the radiophysisists L.P. Mospan, D.Y. Kulik, S.F. Kulishenko and mathematicians N.G. Don, A.O. Perov, S.O. Steshenko, and S.A. Prikolotin. During 2000-2015 at different years the following employees worked for the Department: M.V. Balaban, V.A. Belobrov, A.V. Boriskin, V.S. Bulygin, A.Y. Galan, M.V. Ivahnichenko, O.A. Kotlyar, D.F. Kulishenko, A.Y. Popkov, E.I. Smotrova, M.A. Topchiy, K.S. Shpachenko, and O.V. Shapoval.

Over the last decade the department has suffered a heavy loss: outstanding professionals and just wonderful people Ph.D. V.I. Tkachenko and Prof. L.A. Rud were gone in 2006 and 2014. Their scientific heritage in computational electrodynamics will be in demand for a long time.

Currently, the department consists of 8 employees, including 1 Doctor of science (A.A.Kirilenko), 6 Ph.D. (D.Y. Kulik, L.P. Mospan, A.O. Perov, S.A. Prikolotin, S.L. Senkevich, and S.O. Steshenko), and the leading engineer O.A. Blinnikova.