1. State Prize of the Ukrainian SSR (E.A. Kaner, 1980)
  2. Grant 1050 E 9112 CONACyT (Mexico), 1992, N.M. Makarov.
  3. Grant 3004 E 9306 CONACyT (Mexico), 1994, N.M. Makarov.
  4. Grant Soros for a long-term research program, project “Metal as active media”, 1993, N.М. Makarov.
  5. Grant INTAS, project IR-97-1394, 1997, V.А. Yampolsky.
  6. Grant INTAS, project 02-2282, 2002, V.А. Yampolsky.
  7. State Prize of Ukraine (V.A.Yampolsky, 2013).
  8. Awards for the best presentation at conferences 4th International Conference for Young Scientists “Low temperature physics – 2013” and 14th Kharkiv Young Scientist Conference on Radiophysics, Electronics, Photonics and Biophysics, 2014; travel grant for participation in European Microwave Week 2018. (T. Rokhmanova)
  9. Scholarship of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration in the nomination “Physics and Astronomy” – Scholarship named after K. D. Sinelnikov for gifted young scientists (S. S. Apostolov, 2017)
  10. First prize in the competition of scientific works of young scientists at the International Conference MMET*2018 (T. Rokhmanova, 2018)
  11. Grant of the President of Ukraine for the project F82 / 233-2019 (project leader T. Rokhmanova, 2019)
  12. Grant NFDU « Quantum phenomena in the interaction of electromagnetic waves with solid-state nanostructures », project 2020.02/0149 (project leader V.A. Yampolskii, 2020-2022)
  13. Scholarship of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for young scientists 2021– D. degree holders (Apostolov S. S.)
  14. Conference grant for participation in 15th International Congress on Artificial Materials for Novel Wave Phenomena 2021 (Kvitka N. M.)