You have probably noticed that we have stopped collecting batteries at the Institute. Why is that? The organization “Batteries, surrender!” (, under the hood of which we started collecting batteries, had an agreement with the Lviv factory “Argentum”, but in 2013 they stopped it due to the lack of funding. Since then, “Batteries, surrender!” ( found partners in Romania, but now batteries recycling have extra cost. Thanks to Kharkiv Young Minds Section (, we recently sent 50 kg of batteries for recycling, but unfortunately we do not have the funds to do this regularly.

So, what do we do now? There is no certainty that a spot at the nearest supermarket sends the batteries for recycling, rather than keeping them in storages until better times. We asked the volunteers of “Batteries, surrender!” (, where exactly we can safely hand over batteries in Kharkiv, and received the following list: Epicenter, New Line, WOG (since December 2020), Jysk (since February 2020). These points take not more than 20 batteries per person.
Also, we agreed with the organization “Kharkiv Zero Waste” on a lecture in ZOOM on November 20, 2020, 7 pm. The recording of the meeting one can find by the link: