The subjects of research

At the present time several research groups are working on the following topics at the Department: investigation of the physical mechanisms of interaction of biologically active substances with biopolymers, which structures are formed with the participation of hydrate-ion environment using vibrational spectroscopy and piezogravimetry (headed by Semenov M.A., Maleev V.Ya.) and EHF dielectrometry (headed by […]

History of the Department

The Department of Biological Physics was established in January 1964 by the decision of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences on the basis of biophysical search group, which was organized in 1962 at the Department of absorption of radio waves by initiative of V. Ya. Maleev and with the active support of A. Ya. Usikov, […]

Main results of all-time

The principal possibility of determining the sequence of nucleotides in a nucleic acid from the analysis of the related torsional vibrations of nitrogenous bases was shown. The spectra of crystalline bases and nucleosides in the far infrared region were obtained and interpreted. For the first time the phenomenon of DNA hypochromism at the vibrational levels […]

Scientific results

2005 Abstract of “Spiral” research realization in 2005 All the results obtained do not have scientific analogues in Ukraine and in the world. The spectrophotometric study of the interaction of biologically active drugs: nucleoside 6AZC with thymus DNA in the presence of a derivative of antibiotic actinocin ActII and ethidium bromide (EB) (as competing ligands); […]

Main publications

During the period of existence of the department more than 740 scientific works (including those that are currently in print) were published. Among them are 301 articles and 7 monographies and chapters in monographies. 4 patents were received. Main publications: Tkachenko M. Y., Boryskina O. P., Shestopalova A. V., Tolstorukov M. Y. ProtNA-ASA: Protein-nucleic acid […]