The subjects of research

18.1Experimental radiospectroscopy of controllable metamaterials (photonic crystals, artificial media) included natural materials. [pdf] 18.2 Electron magnetic resonance and its modeling for systems with complex magnetic interactions.[pdf] 18.3 Experimental radiophysics of magnetic enantiomorphous (gyrotropic, optically active, chiral) metamaterials in microwave band. [pdf] 18.4 Electromagnetic properties of such artificial materials (metamaterials) as structures based on wire media. […]

History of the Department

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Scientific results

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Main publications

List of main publications of S.I.TARAPOV for 2002-2016


2010 Papers Whispering Gallery Mode Hemisphere Dielectric Resonators With Impedance Plane, IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 2010, v.58, N10, p.2682-2691, A. Barannik, S. Bunyaev, N. Cherpak, Y. Prokopenko, A. Kharchenko, S. Vitusevich Experimental analysis of metamaterials spectra to design tunable THz-GHz passive devices, NATO Security through Science Series B: Physics and Biophysics, A. […]