The subjects of research

The current major research area in the Department includes: Development of high-vacuum electromagnetic sources of the O- and M-type for the frequency range from several tens to a thousand gigahertz using diverse techniques of converting the energy of spatially developed electron flows in complex electromagnetic structures. Exploring the mechanisms of electromagnetic signal generation within a […]

History of the Department

Department #16 was established in 1991 as a non-structural unit of the Institute and was named “Experimentally engineering department of high-vacuum devices”. In 2001, the department was incorporated into the business structure of the Institute and was given a status of a structural group, and due to the extension of the research scope it was […]

Main results of all-time

The most outstanding results achieved in these areas are listed below. In course of further development a clinotron prototype was produced, in which the inhomogeneous distribution of the focusing magnetic field was taken into account, and clinotron’s position in the working gap of the focusing system was adjustable; this prototype served as a basis for […]

Main publications

400 GHz Continuous-Wave Clinotron Oscillator / S.S. Ponomarenko, S.A. Kishko, E.M. Khutoryan, A.N. Kuleshov, V.V. Zavertanniy, I.V. Lopatin, B.P. Yefimov // IEEE Trans. on Plasma Science. – 2013. – V. 41, N. 1. – P. 82 – 86; Магнитная фокусирующая система интенсивных электронных пучков для клинотронов субмиллиметрового диапазона / Ефимов Б.П., Завертанный В.В., Кириченко Л.А., Кишко С.А., Кудинова Т.В., […]


The committed research activities of the members of our Department, their presentation and popularization of scientific achievements of the Institute both at home and abroad were consistently praised and awarded. In 2011, K.W. Illienko, PhD, Senior Scientist, won a prestigious international prize for outstanding commitment during the first decade of independent scientific career (2011 IEEE NPSS […]