IREThe wartime realities divided the Institute staff into hundreds of local cells scattered throughout the our country and abroad. We are proud of our employees, who are in the ranks of TerritorialDefenceUnits defend Ukraine. We sincerely thank those, who in the hottest times of the beginning of war saved not only the Institute, but also rescuing the lives of the district residents in bomb shelters. Of course, each of us is trying to adjust his life and the life of the family now in new conditions. However, we are keep together, despite the war. We keep in touch and try to do our scientific work as best as possible.
There are a small group (about 40 people) of Institute employees, who have the opportunity to come to the Institute and participate in the work of its restoration. We would like to introduce you how they live now in Kharkiv near the front line.

In May, we saw the Institute… It was directly in the warzone area, and all its buildings and infrastructure were seriously damaged.

Every day we try to do something for saving and restoring the Institute. Among the many problems we face is the removing of broken glass and covering windows, to save the equipment from atmospheric and human factors, draining of the rainwater in the rooms left without a roof, strengthening and restoring the damaged walls, repairing communications, etc.

Among the front-line and everyday features of our present days are, for example, regular cannonade and the absence for a long time of any city transport to the dangerous area where the Institute is located… Someone of our employees have become cyclists, someone go by walk, someone come as close as possible by transport, someone even use a taxi to get the Institute.

Perhaps someone will ask: why are you doing this??? Can your efforts really improve the situation on these ashes? Is it necessary to do something at all now, because everything should be restored from scratch?

Such questions have the right to arise. However, we see the sense in protecting the buildings from rain and dirt, securing the equipment, giving the opportunity to work at the Institute even now to those who can work even under current conditions, to prepare as much as possible for the coming winter taking into account no heating conditions. Who else will do it? This is our opinion, and this is how we justify the importance to come to the Institute every day and do something useful gradually. We do it in spite of those who aim rockets at us every day and every night and try in every way to destroy us physically.

We clearly understand that the help from government could come only after the most important issues for all of us have been solved and VICTORY will come. For now, we face new problems every day and are looking for ways to solve them. We do not lose our thirst for new things, we support each other and we hope for the VICTORY and REVIVAL of OUR INSTITUTE. We are living and working for this.

Some of the results of our efforts can already be seen.