Pending projects

2018-2019 “Electromagnetic engineering of micro and nano-antennas and resonators for novel photonic and THz applications,” SPS  (D.M. Natarov, M.V. Balaban, S.V. Dukhopelnikov, T.L. Zinenko, A.I. Nosich, T.M. Benson)

On-going projects

2019-2020 “Terahertz graphene-based metasurfaces and transmitarrays,” MAE/FR & MES/UA (Dnipro)  (S.V. Dukhopelnikov, D.M. Natarov, D.O. Yevtushenko, F.O. Yevtushenko, A.I. Nosich, R. Sauleau, M. Garcia-Vigueras)
2018/07-2019/06 “Pre-Doctoral Research Award: Diffraction radiation of electron beams from optical nanoresonators: antenna effects and beam diagnostics,” IEEE APS   (D.O. Yevtushenko, A.I. Nosich) [view summary]
2018/08-2019/07 “Pre-Graduate Scholarship: Electromagnetic engineering of plasmon-assisted optical nanowire sensors for electron beam diagnostics,” IEEE MTTS   (D.O. Yevtushenko, A.I. Nosich) [view summary]
2014/01-2019/12 “Discover Milestones of Ukrainian Science: Zenit parabolic reflector L-band pulsed radar, 1938”, IEEE LMC (A.I. Nosich, N.K. Sakhnenko, Y. Pichkalyov) [view summary]

Completed projects

2016/07-12 “Electromagnetic analysis of modal spectrum and emission thresholds of plasmon nanolasers,” SFFR/UA  (O.V. Shapoval, D.M. Natarov)
2014/01-2016/12 “Exchange: Optical resonances in multi-element plasmonic structures for nanosensor applications: electromagnetic modeling and experimental research,” ASCR & NASU  (A.I. Nosich, M.V. Balaban, O.V. Shapoval, D.M. Natarov, V.O Byelobrov, J. Ctyroky)
2016/09-11 “Electromagnetic engineering of a nanostrip laser,” Canon Foundation  (O.V. Shapoval, K. Kobayashi)
2015/12 “Modeling and characterization of terahertz-range antennas based on the patterned graphene elements,” ChalmersUT/SE  (A.I. Nosich, M. Ivashina)
2015/11 “Method of analytical regularization in computational photonics,” ChuoUni/JP  (A.I. Nosich, K. Kobayashi)
2015/04-06 “Electromagnetic modeling of microcavity and nanocavity lasers based on the stand-alone and periodic configurations of photonic elements,” ENSC/FR  (A.I. Nosich, M. Lebental)
2015/01-02 “Researcher Mobility Grant: Modes of core-shell nanowire and nanotube plasmonic lasers,” ESF (Plasmon-Bionanosense)  (D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich, J. Ctyroky)
2010/09-2014/12 “Fundamental mathematical and numerical study of optical electromagnetic fields of stand-alone and coupled microcavity lasers with nanosize active layers, wires and strips,” STP-NASU   (M.V. Balaban, V.O. Byelobrov, V.S. Bulygin, D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich, N.K. Sakhnenko, O.V. Shapoval, E.I. Smotrova, N.P. Stognii, T.L. Zinenko)
2014/10 “Short Course: Integral equation methods and Nystrom discretizations in electromagnetics with applications to antennas, resonators, and lasers,” LNU/SE  (A.I. Nosich, S. Nordebo)
2014/02-06 “Researcher Mobility Grant: Modelling of biosensors based on the periodic grating of silver nanoscale cylinders embedded in a dielectric layer,” ESF (Plasmon-Bionanosense)  (V.O. Byelobrov, A.I. Nosich, T.M. Benson) [view summary]
2014/06 “Short Course: Introduction to nanoscale electromagnetism for optical antennas, resonators, and lasers,” ENSC/FR (Monabiphot Summer School)  (A.I. Nosich, I. Ledoux-Rak)
2013/03-09 “Researcher Mobility Grant: Electromagnetic properties of a thin dielectric disk sandwiched between two graphene covers with applications to tuneable THz filters,” ESF (Newfocus)  (M.V. Balaban, A.I. Nosich, T.M. Benson) [view summary]
2013/04-09 “Ph.D. Student Mobility Grant: Plasmon and periodicity assisted wideband absorbers for solar cells and biosensors,” Rennes-Metropole  (D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich, R. Sauleau) [view summary]
2012/10-2013/05 “Ph.D. Scholarship: Optical nanoantennas made of thin noble-metal strips: integral equation modelling and surface plasmon resonances,” IVF  (O.V. Shapoval, A.I. Nosich, J. Ctyroky)
2012/09-2013/04 “Ph.D. Scholarship: Broadband resonance absorption and scattering of light for ultrathin plasmonic solar cells and biosensors: modelling and optimization,” IVF  (D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich, M. Marciniak) [view summary]
2012/06-2013/05 “Graduate Fellowship: Resonant scattering of electromagnetic waves by finite periodic configurations of sub-wavelength circular wires,” IEEE APS   (D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich) [view summary]
2011/08-2012/12 “Microlasers on organic materials: experiments and modelling,” MAEE/FR & SASII/UA (Dnipro)   (E.I. Smotrova, M.V. Balaban, O.V. Shapoval, D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich, J. Zyss, M. Lebental) [view summary]
2012/04-10 “Researcher Mobility Grant: Development of Nystrom-type techniques for efficient computation of 2-D dielectric resonators and scatterers,” ESF (Newfocus)  (E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich, M. Lebental) [view summary]
2012/06-09 “Researcher Mobility Grant: Resonance effects in the terahertz antennas shaped as finite gratings of graphene strips,” ESF (Newfocus)  (O.V. Shapoval, A.I. Nosich, J. Mosig) [view summary]
2011/01-2012/08 “Spin-Thermo-Electronics,” UGOT & EU-FP7  (A.I. Nosich, E.I. Smotrova, R. Shekhter)
2011/09-2012/03 “Researcher Mobility Grant: Analysis of 3-D axially symmetric two-reflector quasioptical antennas,” ESF (Newfocus)  (V.S. Bulygin, A.I. Nosich, T.M. Benson) [view summary]
2011/07-2012/02 “Researcher Mobility Grant: Modeling of frequency-selective polarizing reflectors made of sub-wavelength wire grids for millimeter-wave and THz applications,” ESF (Newfocus)  (V.O. Byelobrov, A.I. Nosich, T.M. Benson) [view summary]
2010/11-2011/10 “Graduate Fellowship: The scattering of electromagnetic waves by single and multiple material and impedance strips,” IEEE APS   (O.V. Shapoval, A.I. Nosich) [view summary]
2011/03-08 “Researcher Mobility Grant: The scattering and focusing of electromagnetic waves by a thin dielectric disk,” ESF (Newfocus) (M.V. Balaban, A.I. Nosich, R. Sauleau) [view summary]
2008/07-2011/06 “Advanced numerical modelling of quasioptical focusing systems,” NATO-RIG & SASII/UA   (A.V. Boriskin, A.I. Nosich, E.I. Smotrova, M.V. Balaban, D.M. Natarov, V.O. Byelobrov, A.S. Galan, R. Sauleau)
2008/01-2010/12 “Exchange: Electromagnetic and numerical modelling of active and nonlinear microcavities for semiconductor lasers and all-optical switches,” ASCR & NASU   (E.I. Smotrova, V.O. Byelobrov, V.M. Balaban, O.V. Shapoval, A.I. Nosich, J. Ctyroky) [view summary]
2010/08 “Researcher Mobility Grant: Resonances in the scattering and focusing of waves by periodically structured ensembles of metal and dielectric wires,” ESF (Newfocus)  (D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich, R. Sauleau) [view summary]
2009/07-2010/07 “International Research Chair: New frontiers in electromagnetic synthesis – Advanced Maxwell-based numerical tools for the full-wave optimization and fast synthesis of wavelength-scale dielectric scatterers and resonators for novel electromagnetics and photonics applications,” UEB/Region Bretagne  (A.I. Nosich, A.V. Boriskin, A. Rolland, R. Sauleau)
2009/09-2010/05 “PhD Scholarship: Lasing modes in a dielectric slab microresonator with a periodic active region,” IVF  (V.O. Byelobrov, A.I. Nosich, J. Ctyroky) [view summary]
2007/03-2010/02 “Exchange: Innovative electromagnetic modeling of multielement quasioptical focusing systems,” TUBITAK & NASU   (M.V. Balaban, V.O. Byelobrov, A.I. Nosich, O.V. Shapoval, D.M. Natarov, E.I. Smotrova, T. Oguzer, A. Altintas) [view summary]
2008/01-2009/12 “Research Network: Electromagnetic modeling and design of dielectric lenses and resonators for the emerging photonic and THz applications,” MAEE/FR-ECONET   (A.I. Nosich, E.I. Smotrova, A.A. Nosich, A.V. Boriskin, R. Sauleau, J. Bartolic, R. Zaridze) [view summary]
2007/07-2009/12 “Micro and nano-scale electromagnetic simulation of optical fields in microcavities with active regions shaped as quantum wells, wires and dots,” NASU-NANO   (E.I. Smotrova, V.O. Byelobrov, M.V. Balaban, D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich)
2007/01-2009/12 “Research and Training Network: Advanced numerical modeling and design of dielectric lens antennas,” MENESR/FR-PECONEI   (V.V. Radchenko, M.V. Balaban, V.O. Byelobrov, E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich, A.V. Boriskin, A.A. Nosich, Y.V. Gandel, O.V. Shapoval, R. Sauleau, J. Bartolic)
2007/01-2009/12 “Design and optimization of miniature integrated focusing devices for ultra wideband communication systems,” CNRS-PICS  (A.I. Nosich, E.I. Smotrova, A.V. Boriskin, M.V. Balaban, V.O. Byelobrov, R. Sauleau) [view summary]
2009/06 “Short Course: Integral equation methods in electromagnetics with applications to antennas, resonators, and lasers,” UniSi/IT  (A.I. Nosich, S. Maci)
2007/07-2009/06 “Advanced modelling of single and periodic active dielectric resonators for microlasers,” RS  (E.I. Smotrova, V.O. Byelobrov, M.V. Balaban, A.I. Nosich, T. Benson) [view summary]
2008/11-12 “Distunguished Visitor Fellowship: Modelling of microcavity lasers with Maxwell and Green,” RAE  (A.I. Nosich, T.M. Benson)
2008/05-06 “Analysis and optimization of focusing devices including lenses and radomes”, Metivier/FR  (A.V. Boriskin, R. Sauleau)
2007/07-2008/06 “Graduate Fellowship: Electromagnetic analysis of natural modes in distributed-Bragg-reflector resonators containing active regions,” IEEE APS  (V.O. Byelobrov, A.I. Nosich) [view summary]
2007/09-2008/05 “PhD Scholarship: Advanced linear modelling of semiconductor microcavity lasers,” IVF (E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich, J. Ctyroky) [view summary]
2007/06-2008/04 “Postdoctoral Fellowship: Advanced design methodologies for the electromagnetic optimization of focusing systems,” Region Bretagne & CNRS  (A.V. Boriskin, R. Sauleau)
2007/04-05 “Short Course: Advanced topics in electromagnetism with applications to optoelectronics and microwaves”, DTU/DK  (A.I. Nosich, O. Breinbjerg)
2005/04-2007/03 “PhD Programme Fellowship: Quasi-3D electromagnetic modeling of microcavity lasers and laser arrays with lowered thresholds and improved directionalities”, INTAS  (E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich, T. Benson) [view summary]
2006/01-12 “Exchange: Analysis and optimization of lens antennas for millimeter and THz range electromagnetic wave systems”, CNRS & NASU  (A.V. Boriskin, A.I. Nosich, R. Sauleau, A. Rolland)
2005/12-2006/11 “Graduate Fellowship: Eigenvalue problems for cyclic photonic-molecule microcavity lasers”, IEEE EDS  (E.I. Smotrova, A.I. Nosich)
2006/01-12 “Young Scientist Fellowship: Development of new CAD tool for accurate analysis and optimization of integrated dielectric lens antennas for millimeter and sub-millimeter wave applications”, MES/UA & SFFR/UA  (A.V. Boriskin, M.V. Balaban)
2005/01-2006/12 “Innovative lens antennas for millimeter and THz range electromagnetic wave systems”, MAE/FR & MES/UA (Dnipro)  (A.I. Nosich, A.V. Boriskin, R. Sauleau, G. Godi) [view summary]
2004/01-2006/12 “Exchange: Processing of light with micro-to-nano-scale mirrors and lenses for the emerging optoelectronic applications”, TUBITAK & NASU  (A.I. Nosich, M.V. Balaban, A.V. Boriskin, Y.V. Gandel, A.A. Nosich, E.I. Smotrova, V.O. Byelobrov, A. Altintas, T. Oguzer) [view summary]
2004/10-2006/09 “Modelling of micro and nano-scale resonators and lenses for dense photonic circuits”, RS  (A.I. Nosich, M.V. Balaban, A.V. Boriskin, E.K. Semenova, E.I. Smotrova, T. Benson) [view summary]
2004/02-2006/01 “Senior Fellowship: Development of IE-MAR mathematical and numerical methods for applications in computational optoelectronics”, EPSRC  (A.I. Nosich, T.M. Benson) [view summary]
2004/01-2005/12 “Exchange: Innovative lens antennas for millimeter and THz range electromagnetic wave systems”, CNRS & NASU  (A.V. Boriskin, A.I. Nosich, R. Sauleau, G. Godi) [view summary]
2004/01-12 “Soviet quasioptics of the mm and sub-mm wavelength ranges in the historical background”, IEEE LMC (I.A. Tishchenko, A.A. Kostenko, A.I. Nosich) [view summary]
2003/02-03 “Short Course: Advanced CAD tools for the modelling of antennas, waveguides, optical fibers and microcavities”, NUS/SG  (A.I. Nosich, Y.-B. Gan)
2000/01-2002/12 “Visiting Professorship: Modeling of discrete spherical Luneburg lenses fed by conformal printed feeds”, UR-1 & MENESR/FR  (S. Rondineau, A.I. Nosich, J.-P. Daniel)
2001/02-04 “Graduate Fellowship: 2-D modeling of arbitrarily shaped dielectric rod antennas”, TUBITAK & NATO (A.V. Boriskin, A.I. Nosich, A. Altintas)
2001/01-12 “Early history of L-band magnetrons and pulsed radars in Ukraine in the 1920-30’s”, IEEE APS & IEEE LMC (I.A. Tishchenko, A.A. Kostenko, A.I. Nosich) [view summary]
2000/04-2001/03 “Graduate Fellowship: Beam transmission through multi-layer lossy dielectric cylinders with applications to radomes and lenses”, IEEE MTTS  (A.V. Boriskin, A.I. Nosich)
1999/08-2000/07 “Graduate Fellowship: Scattering and absorption of plane waves by flat gratings made of resistive and thin-dielectric strips”, SUMMA  (T.L. Zinenko, A.I. Nosich)
1998/09-2000/07 “PhD Scholarship: Modeling of conformal disk antennas printed on spherical substrates”, UR-1 & MENESR/FR  (V.V. Radchenko, A.I. Nosich, J.-P. Daniel)
1996/05-1998/12 “Visiting Professorship: Analysis of antennas printed on cylindrical substrates including the effect of surface and leaky waves”, UR-1 & MENESR/FR  (L. Richard, A.I. Nosich, J.-P. Daniel)
1997/04-1998/03 “Graduate Fellowship: CAD-oriented numerical analysis of surface-wave filters and couplers”, IEEE MTT-S  (S.V. Boriskina, A.I. Nosich)
1997/04-1998/03 “Graduate Fellowship: Accurate analysis of fundamental wave phenomena in the circular-patch antennas”, IEEE MTT-S  (N.Y. Bliznyuk, A.I. Nosich)
1997/09-12 “Senior Fellowship: Analytical and numerical study of printed antennas on cylindrical dielectric-covered substrates”, CNR & NATO  (A.I. Nosich, G. Vecchi)
1996/08-1997/07 “Graduate Fellowship: Development of novel analytical-numerical approaches to the wave scattering by dielectric and metal bodies in a slab waveguide, and reflector antennas in layered medium”, SUMMA  (S.V. Boriskina, A.I. Nosich)
1994/07-1996/06 “Accurate analysis and modeling of reflector antennas”, TUBITAK  (A.I. Nosich, A.Y. Svezhentsev, S.V. Boriskina, V.B. Yurchenko, A. Altintas, T. Oguzer)
1995/01-12 “Waves in novel microstrip and slot lines”, ISF  (A.Y. Svezhentsev, A.I. Nosich)
1992/10-1993/03 “Senior Fellowship: Electromagnetic scattering of free-space and guided waves by screens and other obstacles”, MIF  (A.I. Nosich, Y. Okuno)

Failed Applications

2018-2020 “Lasing on the nanoscale: An enabling technology for forefront research,” ICA RS/UK  (S.V. Dukhopelnikov, D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich, T.L. Zinenko, T.M. Benson)
2018-2019 “Terahertz wave scattering from graphene periodic structures: development of powerful numerical solutions and applications to metamaterials and lasers,” JSPS & SFFR/UA  (M.V. Balaban, V.O. Byelobrov, D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich, T.L. Zinenko, A. Matsushima)
2017-2018 “Electromagnetic engineering of resonance micro and nano antennas and sensors for novel applications in photonics and plasmonics,” SFFR/UA (A.I. Nosich, T.L. Zinenko, V.O. Byelobrov, D.M. Natarov, E.M. Odarenko)
2016-2017 “Electromagnetic engineering of micro and nano antennas and sensors for novel photonic and terahertz applications,” JSPS & SFFR/UA  (O.V. Shapoval, M.V. Balaban, V.O. Byelobrov, D.M. Natarov, A.I. Nosich, A. Matsushima)
2016-2018 “Modelling and measurements of innovative microcavity and hybrid-plasmonic lasers on organic materials,” CNRS-PICS & NASU (A.I. Nosich, M.V. Balaban, O.V. Shapoval, V.O. Byelobrov, D.V. Natarov, M. Lebental, C. Lafargue)
2015-2019 “Fundamental mathematical and electromagnetic modeling of nanolasers, nanosensors and nanoantennas with stand-alone and periodic resonance elements made of noble metals and graphene,” NASU-NANO  (A.I. Nosich, M.V. Balaban, O.V. Shapoval, V.O. Byelobrov, D.V. Natarov)