The subjects of research

High-frequency electromagnetic and acoustic phenomena in metals Theory of transport electromagnetic phenomena in semiconductors Theory of propagation of electromagnetic waves in solid state plasma Propagation of linear and non-linear sound waves Theory of propagation and diffraction of waves in randomly inhomogeneous media and scattering of radio waves on statistically uneven interfaces Nonlinear electromagnetic phenomena in […]

History of the Department

Right after the creation of IRE its first director, Alexander Yakovlevich Usikov, started issuing job offers to theoretical physicists and mathematicians, graduates of the physics and mathematics departments of Karazin University. At that time in Kharkiv there were only three doctors of science majoring in theoretical physicists: A. I. Akhiezer, I. M. Lifshits and V. […]

Main results of all-time

High-frequency electromagnetic and acoustic phenomena in metals This direction was led by E.A. Kaner (1955 – 1986), N.M. Makarov (1986 – 1998), V.A. Yampolsky (2000 – present).  Prediction and construction of the theory of cyclotron resonance in metals (Azbel M.Ya. and Kaner E.A., 1956) Construction of the theory of acoustic cyclotron resonance in metals (Kaner […]

Scientific results

2021 Phase transitions in a quasi-one-dimensional system of interacting spinless electrons were determined and it was established that, for certain system parameters, the less probable ordering of the unit cell with period 3 has a lower ground state energy than ordering with period 2. Graphs of the dependences of the energy of the system on […]


2021   Kvitka, S. S. Apostolov, N. M. Makarov, T. Rokhmanova, A. A. Shmat’ko, V. A. Yampol’skii. Resonant transparency of a layered superconductor: Hyperbolic material in the terahertz range tuned by dc magnetic field. Physical Review B, V. 103, P. 104512 (13 pp). V. Usatenko, S. S. Melnyk, and V. A. Yampol’skii. Transverse Anderson localization […]